Wonderslim Patch Review – 2020

Losing weight can be a terribly wearing journey. Even though there are tons of weight loss products, in most cases, these products are pure B.S.

Weight loss patches are the latest fad products that influencers tout claiming they’ll help you dramatically speed up your weight loss goal.

One of the weight loss patches is the Wonderslim patch that claim to help you actualize your weight lost goals within a few weeks.

However, most people are a little curious about their magical ability to rev up the weight loss efforts in such a short time. Let’s get in and find out what the fad and buzz is all about.

Wonderslim Patch Ingredients

The product is formulated with five active ingredients. Let’s have a deeper look at the ingredients to find out how they help in weight management.

Salicornia Herbacea

Foods with high doses of fat promote obesity whereas those rich in dietary fiber ward off overweight issues. 

Salicornia Herbacea boasts of high dietary content and sodium chloride that has been found to significantly avert obesity development.

According to a research study, using sodium chloride in place of common salt help manage triglyceride, liver weight and weight gain. 


Sophoricoside has not been sufficiently studied how it helps in body-fat reduction. Only a small study was done on animals but it’s yet to be replicated with humans.

A study done by inventors shown that administration of sophoricoside successfully reduced peritoneal fat and body weight in obese rats.


Capsaicin is a compound in peppers that researchers believe to have thermogenic properties. 

Proponents claim that taking Capsaicin extract help hasten up metabolism process. Increased metabolism reduces the rate at which the nutrients would be stored as fat.

Research findings also showed that consuming red pepper or Capsaicin diet can increase feelings of fullness and suppress the appetite.


No evidence exists to solidify how caffeine consumption helps avert weight gain. Research studies have only been done on animals and the results are questionable if they can apply to humans.

There are however, a few theories that attempt to explain its connection with weight loss. It is claimed to reduce hunger feelings and your desire for excessive food.

Far Infrared Anion

Anion is ion with negative charge. A clinical study done to determine the efficacy of anions found the product useful to skin health.

Patients with anion textile were observed to have significant skin improvements. Anion is claimed to step up and maintain a warm skin temperature.

How Wonderslim Patch Works

Wonderslim Patch is applied on the belly, thighs, arms and target areas where you want to slim up. The ingredients penetrate the skin to stubborn fat reservoirs.

It categorically targets the parts it’s applied and help you achieve the figure you desire. It also raise the detoxification process on top of your fitness regime.

It is recommended you wear the product for 3-4 hours at the start then the same patch for up to 8-hours. Use a fresh wonder belly patch on a different body part.

Take a healthy diet and regular workouts along with the Wonderslim Patch if you want to reach your weight loss goals in 4-6 weeks.

Does the Wonderslim Patch Work?

Even though it claims to pass the FDA skin provoking test, there exists no substantial research to showcase the effectiveness of ingredients in the product.

There are however, anecdotal evidences from past users. Nonetheless, the success of Mymi Wonder Slim patch will defer from person to person.

Some users see noticeable results in a few weeks. In rare cases, it doesn’t deliver contrary to how it is described.

Wonderslim Patch Side Effects

You may feel a strong itchy feeling on the target spot that may peel the skin when you scratch. Influencers suggest ripping off the patch and applying some body cream before reattaching.

Other users may have a difficult time taking off the sticky part from the skin. As a result, a sticky glue as well as blisters may be left on the target area.

Alternative to Wonderslim Patch

If you’re curious about the effectiveness of Wonderslim Patch, you may have a look at the following alternatives.

However, be informed that no product will be magical in weight loss. Aim for a healthy diet and start an exercise plan to reach your weight loss goal.

TOPNaturePlus Weight Loss Sticker

TOPNaturePlus Weight Loss Sticker is formed from safe and non-irritant natural ingredients. 

The sticker should be worn during the night on the navel, hips, thighs or elsewhere on the body where you want to slim up.

The active ingredients get their way into the skin where they help burn the excess calories. It also blocks further absorption of grease to regulate the amount of fat in the body.

It is claimed to speed up detoxification, suppress appetite and excessive food cravings. What’s more, no traces of residues are left on the skin and you won’t have a sultry or damp feeling.

The company suggest a piece for 8-10 hours. Use a fresh piece every other day if you want to have notable results in few weeks.

Final Thoughts

If you’re struggling to lose weight, you may be on the lookout for a weight loss product that help you achieve your weight loss goal within the shortest period possible.

Since there are hundreds of people struggling with this issue, there will always be a seductive weight loss product claiming to crack up your weight loss efforts.

However, always consult your doctor before using any weight loss product. You will be advised on what to use or effective ways to lose weight. 

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