Slimquick Rx8 Reviews – 2020

Slimquick Rx8 boasts of powerful, all-natural ingredients that the company claim to help you burn fat and curb unnecessary food cravings, leading to weight loss.

Since we were curious about the claims and how such a small package would lead to dramatic weight management; our research team investigated every aspect of this product, examining all the ingredients to get the full picture.

Should you buy Slimquick Rx8? Is it worth your money or time? Keep reading to see what we found.

Slimquick Rx8 Review: Ingredients

  • Green Coffee – Studies done on mice found Green Coffee extract useful in reducing fat accumulation. However, no definitive study was replicated on humans to prove its effectiveness.
  • Olive Extract – The extract has been found to curb appetite, prevent high-fat and regulate the generation of genes that induce obesity.  
  • Caffeine – It has properties that appear to reduce hunger feelings and stimulate the rate at which the body convert digested food into energy.
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract – Contains antioxidant properties potentially associated with reduction of weight gain.
  • Coleus Extract – The active compound in Coleus promote fat burning in fatty tissues.
  • Yohimbe – Yohimbe extract works by blocking receptors situated in fat cells that lead to weight gain.

How Slimquick Rx8 Work

Each bottle of Slimquick Rx8 contains 60 caplets to last you for 20-days going by the company’s instructions of 3 caplets every day.

According to the company, it provides the consumer with unrivalled energy and sensory-stimulating experience to support weight loss.

The blend of ingredients claims to speed up metabolism, reduce fluid retention and regulate your food cravings. Slimquick Rx8 promises to help you lose up to 30lbs in only 13 weeks.

Does Slimquick Rx8 Work?

The cutting-edge ingredients have clinically been proven to help in weight loss. However, the product is unlikely to deliver all the benefits it claims to have.

For example, there’s no human study explaining how Slimquick Rx8 will help you shed 30 pounds.

Nonetheless, some previous users acknowledge enhanced mood, energy, and appetite suppression. Unfortunately, a section of some users’ claim the product was virtually ineffective.

From our findings, we do not believe Slimquick Rx8 will help you suppress appetite or get rid of stubborn fat. The best it can do is to boost your mood and energy.

Pros of Slimquick Rx8

  • Helpful in raising your mood
  • May boost your energy

Cons of Slimquick Rx8

  • May not suppress your appetite
  • Not suitable for nursing moms or persons under 18-years
  • No human study to prove its claims

Slimquick Rx8 Side Effects

Slimquick Rx8 may cause:

  • Nausea due to the presence of caffeine
  • Increased heart rate
  • Sleep problems
  • Anxiety and headache
  • Stomach upset and bowel issues

Slimquick Rx8 Review: Alternative

Slim Quick Pure is the best alternative we found to deliver what it claims to do. The mixed berry drink aims to help you shed three times the weight when taken consistently in just 13-weeks.

The product is formulated with vitamin D, calcium, antioxidants, and AlloPure Green Tea. The combination of ingredients is designed to curb emotional eating while keeping you energized.

A published clinical study has shown AlloPure Green Tea to hasten metabolism in obese women. Other than that, Slim Quick Pure will boost your energy and reduce fluid retention to help you maintain the right weight.

On top of that, it regulates the generation of hormones that lead to weight gain. When used responsibly, the drink will stop your craving for sugar and snacks.

Like with most dietary supplements, Slim Quick Pure is not a magical tool. For best results, complement it with work outs and healthy diet.

Final Verdict

To sum up our Slimquick Rx8 Review, this product may not be what you need if your goal is to curb appetite, increase metabolism or burn the stubborn fat.

Besides that, none of the statements regarding weight-control supplements on their website have been approved by FDA. Put simply, there may be other unknown potentially unsafe ingredients not listed by the product manufacturer.

In our opinion, we recommend Slim Quick Pure if you’re seeking to manage weight and Slimquick Rx8 if you want to enhance your energy and mood.

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