Resize Mint Patch Review – 2020

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you found a product that helped you attain your goal weight in few weeks? That’s what influencers of weight loss patches want us to believe!

However, most people are a little skeptical since whatever the proponents of these products claim is too good to be believed.

Resize Mint patch is the latest weight loss patch that manufacturer claim to deliver a slender silhouette where you want within a couple of weeks. 

Since we were doubtful about that claims, our team of experts dug deep into the ingredients to help answer the big question: Does it work? Is it even safe? Here’s what we found.

How Resize Mint Patch Work

According to the manufacturer, you should stick the patch on the part of the body that you want slimmed. It may be the thighs, belly, arms or elsewhere on your body.

Let it stay for 6-8 hours and make sure it is well attached. The patch is designed to work transdermally. Simply put, it has active ingredients that go directly into fat storage tissues of the target part.

The ingredients are claimed to accelerate breakdown and elimination of excess fat. It also brings a feeling of fullness and reduce food cravings.

Does The Resize Mint Patch Really Work?

Unfortunately, no research finding exist to ascertain if weight loss patches actually work. In many cases, most of them won’t do anything.

As with any weight loss product, Resize Mint patch may work or not do anything at all. At the end of day, improving the diet and doing moderate exercise may be the only realistic ways to manage weight. 

Since it is lenient from the strict FDA guidelines, it’s not possible to gauge potentials risks and less desired effects.

Another issue is the ingredients in them. Even though it claims all the ingredients are natural, there may be other unknown ingredients that may be harmful.

Besides, it does not specify the composition of each ingredient to help you determine the true effects of the product.

Resize Mint Patch Ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia

The active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia is hydroxycitric acid that’s claimed to suppress food appetite and cravings.

Besides that, it blocks the body’s ability to store fat to reduce cholesterol levels. What’s makes this possible is its ability to inhibit citrate lyase, an enzyme responsible for fat production.

Forskolin Extract

Forskolin trigger the release of fat from fat reservoirs. It has compounds that stimulate the production of enzymes to burn the fatty acids. This helps reduce the overall fat mass.

Ginseng Extracts

Ginseng extracts have been found to raise the level of cholecystokinin, a hormone that aid in the digestion of fat and protein.

It regulates hormones and enzymes that induce breakdown of fats and prevent further storage of fat in tissues.

Ginseng has also shown to regulate food consumption and body sugar level to control the overall body obesity.

Alternative to Resize Mint Patch

Aroamas Weight Loss Sticker is one of the best alternatives if you’re not impressed by Resize Mint Patch and if you don’t get the desired results. 

It constitutes natural and botanical ingredients. Main ingredients are camphor, mint, hawthorn, lotus leaf and longan.

When placed on the navel area, the active ingredients bypass the skin into the targeted body part. The blend of ingredients has shown to jumpstart metabolism to help you get rid of stubborn fats.

This product blocks further uptake of fats and help you build the figure you desire. It also speeds up blood circulation as well as removal of toxins from body cells.  

They recommend wearing the sticker for 8 to 12 hours so all the ingredients are administered into the body. Change into a fresh one every day for 50 days to effectively burn all the fats away.

Wrap Up

Even though all the ingredients are natural, it’s not recommended to use Resize Mint Patch on sensitive skin, if you’re pregnant or you have a medical underlying condition.   

While the product is painless and harmless, consult a medical expert ahead for healthy ways to manage weight. Seek more information about weight loss patches and alternative ways that could help you manage weight.

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