Himitsu Patch Reviews: Does it Work?

If you have tried exercises, weight loss diets or even weight loss supplements unsuccessfully, a weight loss patch is the quickest option to shed the excess weight.

There are many weight loss patches that claim to promote faster weight loss; but they may be a little confusing to new users.

We’ll look at Himitsu patch, one of the weight loss patches that has suddenly become popular within the online community.

Himitsu patch claims to bring faster weight loss results within a few weeks. But is it effective? How does it work? Let’s find out.

How Himitsu Slimming Patch Works

According to the company, you should stick the patch on the navel, belly or elsewhere on the body where fat forms. From there the ingredients will penetrate the skin and travel to fat storage tissues.

A major ingredient in Himitsu patch is the Japanese mint which is claimed to have massive ability in hastening the metabolism process.

The ingredient accelerates fat breakdown for removal which effectively helps slim up your body. It blocks further absorption of starch or sugars to lessen the amount of calories that would be stored.

Along with fat metabolism, the weight loss patch helps improve blood circulation as well as elimination of toxins from the blood through urine and sweat.

You’re supposed to leave the patch for 5 to 7 hours and use a fresh piece for 3-4 days a week for best results. It claims to achieve notable weight loss goals in 2 or 3 weeks.

Himitsu patch has been found to work the magic when it’s used at night. You may feel some faint abdominal pain or an itchy feeling during the detoxification period.

Doing workouts occasionally and checking your diet while using the patch will help you achieve faster weight loss results.  

How to Use Himitsu Slimming Patch

  • Identify the target area of the body
  • Clean and dry the skin area
  • Stick the patch preferably at night and leave it for 5-7 hours 
  • Use a fresh piece every day at least 3 or 4 days in a week for 3 weeks

Himitsu Patch: Does it Work?

There is no scientific study or any research findings that confirm the effectiveness of the Himitsu patch. The product is not approved by FDA, raising more questions on if the product is safe for human body.

Only product manufacturers have tested the product and their effectiveness were small for scientific studies.

A lot of information is therefore needed to ascertain how slapping the sticky patch would trigger magical weight loss in few weeks.

There are, however, few success stories from previous users, but the only way to find out if it actually works is to use the product.

Make sure you consult your doctor ahead if you’re skeptical and if you have a medical underlying condition.

Is There Any Harm in Trying?

Himitsu Patch claims to be 100-percent safe. However, lots of people are concerned if the product may have harmful ingredients not listed by the manufacturer.

The product is unregulated so, it is wise to proceed with caution since you’re not actually sure what you’re allowing into your body. While the product may not be harmful, it is advisable to consult your doctor early on.

Alternative to Himitsu Patch

If Himitsu Patch does not work for you, or you’re curious if it actually works; you may wish to look at the alternatives.

TOPNaturePlus Weight Loss Sticker

The TOPNaturePlus Weight Loss Sticker is designed with safe and non-irritant natural botanical ingredients.

Like Himitsu Patch, you can patch the sticker on the belly, thighs, hips, navel or on any body part where fat develops. You should leave the patch for 8-12 hours and its efficacy is high when it’s used at night.

For women, secretion of estrogen is more at night time when toxins formation and fat synthesis is also executed.

For this reason, applying the weight loss sticker at night will prevent the synthesis of fat and accelerate the detoxification process.

The active ingredients get into fat storage cells to jumpstart fat synthesis and discharge of toxins. It also lessens further absorption of grease.

One major ingredient is the tea extract that help restore the delicate relaxed skin. All the extracts are scientifically formulated for safe and faster slimming.

No residue is left behind and you won’t feel damp and sultry since the material is breathable. The adhesion is good and it can be patched on any part without falling off.

Final Thoughts

If you’re seeking to lose weight, talk to your doctor for recommendations from medical standpoint before trying any weight loss patch.

You will be provided with credible information on what you need to do to achieve your weight loss goals in a healthy way.

Hit the gym or find a weight loss expert. Invest in a nutritionist instead of trying something with unsubstantiated claims.

Besides, nothing beats a healthy diet and having a physically active lifestyle. Improving the diet and being physically active will help you lose weight and achieve additional fitness and health benefits.


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