Carmen R., Santa Cruz -30 pounds

I love my Coach. I would never have been able to do this without him. Look at me! :-)

Marco C., Watsonville -81 pounds

My Coach always seemed to know when I needed support and guidance. Thank you, Fat Free With Me

Darcy B., Garberville -32 pounds

I have not been this weight since high school! I could just hug my Coach!


The most fascinating weight loss journey is still ahead, YOURS

Why Choose Fat Free With Me

I built Fat Free With Me for you. The most caring and highly qualified weight management coaches anywhere paired with simple, no-gimmicks, real-food eating plans yield a staggering 86% client success rate. Add fun, dynamic program design and crystal clear pricing transparency and it is no wonder we are the #1 client rated weight management program in America today! Come join us. The most remarkable journey is yet ahead-- yours.
Belldon Colme

Will This Work for Me?

Excellent question. Yes. Fat Free With Me will work for you. Reaching any life goal requires something from us individually, so take a moment to review the few, simple changes you will be making... Read More

The Great Deception

The most common question we receive here at Fat Free With Me is this: “Nothing I have tried has worked. How is Fat Free With Me any different?” There are a few very important reasons... Read More

The Fat Truth

Vicki Fitch

Vicki’s Vibe– Are you REALLY Hungry?

Did you know that the vast majority of Americans are walking around dehydrated?  We’ve become a society that has made soda a staple in our diets and consequently we’re overweight, diabetic and dehydrated.  The ONLY beverage we need is...
Read More

Tamsin Gunter

A Time to Indulge?

As many of you know I married my sweetheart last month. I made sure to plan for and maintain my weight properly so I could fit into my perfect dress. We all know a good deal of stress surrounds weddings, and that often means weight...
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