Carmen R., Santa Cruz -30 pounds

I love my Coach. I would never have been able to do this without him. Look at me! :-)

Marco C., Watsonville -81 pounds

My Coach always seemed to know when I needed support and guidance. Thank you, Fat Free With Me

Darcy B., Garberville -32 pounds

I have not been this weight since high school! I could just hug my Coach!


The most fascinating weight loss journey is still ahead, YOURS

Fat Free With Me

My mission is to help folks who are struggling with fear and anxiety because of weight related health issues, reduction of mobility and negative quality of life.

I became the expert on Nutritional Weight Management because I have lived it. 15 years ago my family suffered multiple cancer events including the death of my father, and in 2004 I was hospitalized with serious heart issues. All of this was related in large part to what we put into our bodies, the food we ate. I shifted my focus and studies to food-based nutrition, especially how food works with, or against, our bodies, and how to use food to meet our health and weight goals

Having found new life for myself after losing 85 pounds and normalizing my own health vitals, I have since developed the "nutritional path to weight loss", Fat Free With Me, and in the last eight years have helped hundreds of clients learn the power of real food nutrition through live workshops, ecourses, one-to-one coaching and personal support. Completed clients are now experiencing a whole new quality of life having replaced fear with understanding, excess weight with confidence, and anxiety with a new lease on life. And it all started with a new way to look at food.

Explore this page to learn more and then, when you are ready, click here to begin your own nutritional weight loss journey.

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Here's What Our Client's Say

"I have to tell you... I cried this morning. 118.8! Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be here. When I [first started and] set my goal I believed it was only going to be a fantasy. Now I keep taking deep breathes because I am in disbelief. Thank you!!!"
~Lisa P, Marysville, Washington

"What I expected was some new supplement or pill. What I got instead was a complete system to understand how weight works and to lose it once and for all. I lost 103 pounds, and best of all my coach has taught me how to keep it off forever. Best money I ever spent."
~Sylvia, Austin, TX

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Are you ready to see what all the commotion is about and start YOUR journey to lose weight by the most healthy and effective means possible? Just START HERE, or read more to answer, "is Fat Free With Me the right system for me?" After making payment you will be directed to your New Member Profile page and receive a short questionnaire, your answers being used to set up your personalized Fat Free With Me program and Personalized Coaching Plan. You will be started on your own journey to true health and fitness as quickly as the next business day. Here's to your health, we are excited to be working with you.

~The Fat Free With Me Team

Will This Work for Me?

Excellent question. Yes. Fat Free With Me will work for you. Reaching any life goal requires something from us individually, so take a moment to review the few, simple changes you will be making... Read More

The Great Deception

The most common question we receive here at Fat Free With Me is this: “Nothing I have tried has worked. How is Fat Free With Me any different?” There are a few very important reasons... Read More

The Fat Truth


Vicki Fitch

Why You Need a Weight Loss Coach

There are lots of folks who are probably wondering why on Earth we have Coaches as part of the Fat Free With Me program, and we even have some clients that choose to forgo that option which is, of course, their prerogative but I can...
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Belldon Colme

The 3,500 Calorie Misdirection

Does 3,500 calories = 1 pound of body fat? Yes. And No. Wanna know why? Read on… I am frequently asked, as I was again this morning, “Do you contend that 3500 calories BURNED will NOT result in a one pound weight...
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