Carmen R., Santa Cruz -30 pounds

I love my Coach. I would never have been able to do this without him. Look at me! :-)

Marco C., Watsonville -81 pounds

My Coach always seemed to know when I needed support and guidance. Thank you, Fat Free With Me

Darcy B., Garberville -32 pounds

I have not been this weight since high school! I could just hug my Coach!


The most fascinating weight loss journey is still ahead, YOURS

What Clients Say

"I have to tell you... I cried this morning. 118.8! Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be here. When I [first started and] set my goal I believed it was only going to be a fantasy. Now I keep taking deep breathes because I am in disbelief. Thank you!!!"
Lisa P, Marysville, Washington

Will This Work for Me?

Excellent question. Yes. Fat Free With Me will work for you. Reaching any life goal requires something from us individually, so take a moment to review the few, simple changes you will be making... Read More

The Great Deception

The most common question we receive here at Fat Free With Me is this: “Nothing I have tried has worked. How is Fat Free With Me any different?” There are a few very important reasons... Read More

The Fat Truth

Belldon Colme

And What Do I Have to Show for It?

I had this conversation with an acquaintance the other day; I have been an entrepreneur for years, now, and what have I got to show for it? I have none of the things a “successful entrepreneur” is supposed to have. I live in an...
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Vicki Fitch

Perfect Fall Recipe- Baked Kale and Pork

I am a self- proclaimed “Salad Girl”; I love salad and I always have so with Summer comes easy meals and lots of salads. That being said  even I can reach my limit. Our lovely Fall weather leads me to create a delicious Sunday dinner...
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