Carmen R., Santa Cruz -30 pounds

I love my Coach. I would never have been able to do this without him. Look at me! :-)

Marco C., Watsonville -81 pounds

My Coach always seemed to know when I needed support and guidance. Thank you, Fat Free With Me

Darcy B., Garberville -32 pounds

I have not been this weight since high school! I could just hug my Coach!


The most fascinating weight loss journey is still ahead, YOURS

Fat Free With Me

is the #1 client-rated weight loss system in America. Fat Free With Me is one of a very few weight loss programs based on a carefully balanced nutritional approach, and the only system we are aware of based solely on nutrition from real, honest, unprocessed foods. Imagine, complete nutrition from food alone, no pills, powders, shakes or elixirs of any kind. You will learn the 4 cyclical phases of weight loss, what variety of foods to eat during each phase to trigger easily sustainable weight loss, when and how to enjoy greater variety and even occasional indulgences, and you will quickly see measurable changes in your body and your health and achieve positive results in your mental outlook and clarity.

Fat Free With Me is also differentiated in that it is a fully coached program, with personal one-on-one, easy online access to your Coach every day for a surprisingly affordable cost, about a third the total cost of other weight loss programs (according to Business Weekly). Your Coach has not only been through the program themselves, but is also a highly trained Life Coach, skilled in practical guidance, support and encouragement, overcoming challenges and even the occasional motivational push.

These factors combine for a weight loss experience like nothing you have ever encountered, a truly natural journey not forced in any way. While the rate of personal weight loss is as unique as each individual, our clients have lost from 25 to as much as 240 pounds in most cases faster than they imagined, and Fat Free With Me is here to help them maintain that weight loss indefinitely. You will gain a skill set and all the necessary tools to use that make both losing weight and keeping it off easier than you ever thought possible.

Does this all sound too good to be true? In this industry that is rife with fraud and deception we don't blame you for being skeptical, in fact we encourage it. Why not take a few moments to see what our clients have to say:

"I have to tell you... I cried this morning. 118.8! Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be here. When I [first started and] set my goal I believed it was only going to be a fantasy. Now I keep taking deep breathes because I am in disbelief. Thank you!!!"~Lisa P, Marysville, Washington

"What I expected was some new supplement or pill. What I got instead was a complete system to understand how weight works and to lose it once and for all. I lost 103 pounds, and best of all my coach has taught me how to keep it off forever. Best money I ever spent."~Sylvia, Austin, TX

Read more reviews here

Are you ready to see what all the commotion is about and start YOUR journey to lose weight by the most healthy and effective means possible? Just START HERE, or read more to answer, "is Fat Free With Me the right system for me?" After making payment you will be directed to your New Member Profile page and receive a short questionnaire, your answers being used to set up your personalized Fat Free With Me program and Personalized Coaching Plan. You will be started on your own journey to true health and fitness as quickly as the next business day. Here's to your health, we are excited to be working with you.

~The Fat Free With Me Team

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